sketches vol. 1

by John Kale

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released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved


John Kale Brooklyn, New York

another person in brooklyn

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Track Name: long - sleeve - relapse
house show vision goes blind
you'll get kicked out of your new home
we'll auction off your closet
i weep when i see that long sleeve

it was a year of fate
it was a year of bleeding
love was awful with you
but the snow did come

the dinners and the drinks
were not worth the trouble they caused
money became a coma
have you opened up yet
our room's aroma, the stench of your debt

you cannot afford me
because you cannot buy me
what you do to relax
i trace the arch of your spine
break the arc of your xanax
what you do to relax
Track Name: <fish/me/out<of>the/guilt/trip/pond>
fish me out of the guilt trip pond
you lie behind your glass of chardonnay
"i will never,"
he said

can't i just mute your malice you're becoming someone no one likes
Track Name: faux pine
spray our bed with a can of faux-pine
you're car sick on the roads
do you remember that time in carolina?
you make my knees weak
you made me dumb
you made me foolish, but i am no one's fool for too long

are you able to stand up?
am i able to forgive you?
i can swallow this ale in it's entirety
reminder in skin
a remnant of dust
no amnesia for me
but forget it i must

we really cared, didn't we
we really did try
sometime in november i fear you'll dose away your life