privates, vol. 1

by John Kale

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privates, vol. 1 is the first collection of bedroom recordings & unpolished, raw demos i have released.

these songs are from the past five years.

they are for my friends who always said that these recordings were enough.

thank you for loving the music and staying with me through the jigsaw of my early twenties.

i release them today in the midst of sadness, hurt, confusion, and loss; the feelings that were catalysts for most of these compositions.


released November 9, 2016



all rights reserved


John Kale Brooklyn, New York

another person in brooklyn

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Track Name: one
taper me broader
make my tongue lauder to you
whisper me louder
make my blood boil less often
i'm not ezekiel or thomas or elijah

will i be okay soon?
Track Name: i am tired from trying to help you change
when you want to change
when you say it,
will you mean it?

talk to me
you gotta say something

if you want to change,
i can help you change.
i'm not an angel but i can see things.
do you believe in that?
or do you say it's shit?
would you believe in me if i mention it?

it's hot in here, in the nyc
and it's raining down between broadway and me
it's a brooklyn night and i'm alone
i might as well be back home
Track Name: unamerican [state park]
the trip to the canal
state park
stone skipper
i let you in
don't give into
the river
this home haunts me, kendall
hands out windows
not what i thought,
sin in love.
Track Name: angry twin
first hundred no one is surprised by my side
you were as elegant as the first film line

scissor to her brackish hair
too much salt to disrepair
stitch an o2 take into my lung
you were so thirsty but you would become
a knife to my unaware back

fuck the way i'm apt to fall in love.

polarized eye lids
capsized onto my angry twin
he is still spleening in my bed
dark careening in my head
wetness is a bed of lies
just a moment that will dry out
like a weeping eye
an island is just a hunk of brown sugar
in your black tar crime-sipper
Track Name: rapt
crossed, erased
the tines, i lost
poked out of the race

thrown to the dirt
thrown to the mud
get back up like everyone does

the deep fall
the emptiness
i wanted it all
so destructive

now i know my call
but how to i get there?
paralyzed next to the piano life ain't fair.

the hallelujah stopped.
was i true to you?
i was mobbed
thrown out of my own home

and strangers live there now
strangers in my bathroom
thrown to the toilet crying, "my hope was in you."
Track Name: coat check
i am rude and selfish
and i get stuck in my anxious above neck
and stuck in my off-white bed
i got a sickness.

i am a cold shoulder to these people that i love to love
and that i lead on
i'm gonna throw all the ice on you too
still i need a shoulder to choke on
cough it up
swallow that half-full glass down

urgent care, i take
a call here and there.
and i miss my brother in the college down south
and i miss my hometown
i miss my lovers cause i left them all for the next one i'll leave
i feel a little bit of nothing
feel a little bit of apathy

sleep on the pull out
when you do it, will you pull out?
take a train uptown
everything's expensive
but everyone is beautiful, yeah
you fit in
hold my hand man
take me over there
show me where you go
show me how to leave
where i can leave my coat

small kitchen
not a fan of my mood
and the cars are barely moving
i am bad at moving on
Track Name: soho
You taught me how to backslide.
You taught me about my bad side.
When the wind spoke so loudly, but I choked so badly on your words that were like breath.
Gone when the days end—night.
You tricked me, you liar
You pricked me, you briar
Why you did what you do
The house smells like smoke.
The dogs won’t quit it next door so you took another trip to forget.
You forgot what you did.
Girl in the sundress
The roof lights
It’s all a mess in SoHo scraping by
Him and you
In SoHo
I fell down the stairs again.
He who was kind is not kind in the end.
Kill my heart and my trust and relearn
What you know for sure
Track Name: pew police
blistered by burning deserts and suns
i have a little bit of poison inside my lungs
i put it there
and "you put me here for a reason."

i almost called the police
"get your hands away from me!"
i really don't trust you
i really don't trust anyone
what are they saying behind pews
i don't care anymore