by John Kale

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released April 6, 2017



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John Kale Brooklyn, New York

another person in brooklyn

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Track Name: mr. g.o.d.
mr education why'd you let me down
i wanted to take a vacation but i can't afford that
mr old lover why'd you let me down
i miss you, i do

if you want to be here, please make up your mind
it's been this goddamn back and fourth tug a war for too long
but i guess we should take the advice of all of our dear friends
all of our dear friends

mr education why'd you let me down
i wanted to be an architect, look at me now
mr old x lover why'd you let down
i can't stop thinking about you because of this town

but i try
i cry
you're finding someone new
i never knew you could love someone like this

mr hometown why'd you let me down
mom and dad raised to be myself but i can't be myself now no
mr god, mr G - O - D let me down
i was going to heaven all my life, i'm going to hell now

i miss you
Track Name: hawaii [acoustic version]
born on an island
then you became one
water and sand into your ankles
thin thin thin thin ankles

i love you with my whole heart
[you sort of do]
you got a whole in your heart
does it bleed through your chest?
Track Name: oddly shaped gear
i can't stop concentrating on your face
give me a break
i've just never felt this way before,
and you're so sure

that you have

hey man, where are you going?
hey man, what if it starts
snowing in my heart,
after this spring break?

could you maybe send me a message
could you maybe swim me out of this wreckage
Track Name: venue hand stamp
smack me across the face with your stamped hand one more time
Track Name: drugsea
too many people in my bed
too many people in my head
too many buzzing bees, buzzing
too many cousins cussing me out
too many feelings
too many nosebleeds
too many heartbreaks

i can get rowdy
i can bleed good
i can get rowdy
i'm the life of the party ever since i could
crack a joke
crack this smile
i'm the life of the party
i am not going out for a while

you're wet with anger
you're dry with jealousy
i'd walk a mile
i'd walk over your drug sea

i really miss you
i wish i could ask you how you're doing
but i just can't kiss you, i would need to kiss you
too many men

i have a towel so you can dry your eyes
i have a present unwrap it to your surprise
it's a ring

when you start thinking you're gonna change your mind
just like you changed your mind all those other times
i've felt the same
my mind doesn't really change
when you get to thinking
you'll know my new address
i will be lonely
are you gettin lonely yet?
finding people in your bed
people you don't know
that's just how it kinda goes